Discover the Secrets to Lifelong Energy (Naturally, and without 100 trips to the coffee pot every day).

Experience and relive the ground-breaking Vitality World Summit with over 30 videos, transcripts and audio mp3s of leaders in health, vitality and wellness--- proving that Vitality isn't just for the young. It's for you, even if you're over 40.


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"This really was the best summit ever (and I've seen a lot of them). Being a VIP allows me to revisit all this knowledge because there was way too much to take in during the weekend."

Catrina Lee

"I was SO impressed with the content and speakers, listened to them ALL while free and then bought VIP access because I want to listen over and over and share with friends. Words can't express how grateful I am for the Vitality Summit!!!"

Erin Hall

"The quality of the line up has been super. This is my first exposure to Steve Prussack's summits. First class! I have told others. Let's practice self care!"

Melaney Holman

"This has all been fantastic. Good review as well as first time info. Helpful to hear it in new ways, too! Thank you!"

Amie Guyette Hall

"I want to comment you on the sincere sense of compassion, humility, kindness, honesty and generosity brought into this experience. You have inspired me to get real and provided insights which will aid me in this next phase. A heartfelt thank you. <3"

Karen Elizabeth

"Every time I think I have found a new favorite session/ speaker, then the next session/ speaker is equally great!! I love what I am learning. So very inspiring!!!!"

Debra Mousetis Staup

"Hi from Namibia..... and thank you for this Vitality World Summit and for so much wonderful information ... I am absolutely loving all of it! Thank you."

Savannah Bach


You're a busy person... juggling a career, family and trying to dial in to the best way to keep yourself healthy with all of life's demands. Diving in deep to these trainings and implementing all the expert lessons and best practices will take time, and  you may not have space in your schedule to watch all these sessions live... but you know it's time for change.  If that's you, I'm proud to offer you the Vitality Inspiration Package (VIP).

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Watch at Your Convenience

When you invest in the summit All-Access Pass, you give yourself the gift of knowledge; you can watch on your own time and really absorb all the ground-breaking trainings our speakers bring to the table. Plus, you'll get exclusive access to bonus gifts and special sessions.

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The 2017 Vitality World Summit is Free For Everyone... But GO VIP if...

  • You would prefer lifetime access to all of the interviews including any you may have missed, so you can enjoy having the motivation and support when you need it most, on your journey to boundless vitality.
  • You want the on-going inspiration to fully commit to healthy changes in your life and experience results like never before...
  • You are ready to keep increasing your vitality (and changing your body at the cellular level) while deepening what it means to eat healthy.
  • You want to be able to watch (and listen) to the speakers again and again for ongoing inspiration and front-row support on your health journey.
  • You want to spread the wisdom to your family and friends so they can tune into a specific life-changing training.
  • You would like written transcripts of all the masterclass trainings so you can quickly reference ground-breaking discoveries and have them available at your fingertips.
  • You want to connect in a small group bonus training with Steve Prussack for a special Q and A session (plus connect directly with a mystery celebrity guest)
  • You want to be part of a community of people as dedicated to vibrant living as you are in our exclusive private Facebook forum
  • You want a collection of hundreds of dollars woth of powerful bonus resources and tools, all proven to help you achieve health and vitality the quickest way possible.
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Learn from the Best

Reclaim Your Vitality and Tap Into Longevity from These World-Class Health and Wellness Leaders

Here's What VIP Includes:

  • Digital downloads and permanent access to over 30 presentations, videos, audio mp3s and transcripts
  • VIP-Only Sessions with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Michael Greger, Markus Rothkranz and workshop with Steve Prussack
  • Access to our exclusive VIP community through our private Facebook forum
  • Lifetime access to transform your life with the knowledge and wisdom these masterclasses bring
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Exclusive Bonus Gifts:

You'll receive the following bonus masterclass trainings and programs as part of the Vitality Inspiration Package (VIP).

Dr. Thomas Lodi's Healing from Cancer Naturally

Dr. Thomas Lodi shows you how to begin healing from cancer using natural means from the comfort of your home.
Value:  $249

Luv Your Age Workshop with Babette Davis

The radiant and vibrant (at 66 years old) Babette Davis breaks down her deepest tips and secrets to longevity and health.
Value:  $49

Fit Quickies Workshop with Lani Muelrath

Lani shares effective Fit Quickies for body shaping that cuts through confusion and complicated weight loss routines. 
Value:  $49

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Raw Food Workshop

In this special workshop, Dr. Cousens addresses the “why” of a holistic, live-food vegan lifestyle on every level for healing self and planet and preventing cruelty to animals.
Value: $49


Cooking Healthy with Mark Reinfeld

World-Class Award-Winning Chef Mark Reinfeld provides two fantastic workshops on how to easily create healthy cooked vegan foods and tasty enzyme-rich raw foods, quickly and easy (without needing to be a chef).
Value:  $49

5 Pillars of Health Workshop with Dr. Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle shares a workshop on "Ultimate Wellness" as he breaks down the 5 pillars of health and vitality in this exclusive rare online event.
Value:  $49

Love it or Return it

Try out the Vitality World Summit VIP-Style for a full 30 days. If these trainings don't blow your mind, just ask for a refund. We'll give you back every cent, no questions asked.


Warning: The Vitality World Summit masterclass sessions are guaranteed to change your life. Only go VIP if you are ready to start living an extraordinary life.

VIP All-Access Gold


(Special Discount Offer)

  • Digital downloads and permanent access to over 30 presentations, videos, audio mp3s and transcripts
    Instant access to hundreds of dollars in resource guides, tools, trainings and courses
  • Private members-only sessions with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Michael Greger, Markus Rothkranz PLUS Q & A based group coaching call with Steve Prussack
  • 6 Vitality Inspiration Package Masterclass Workshops with leading guests ($494 Value):  Includes Luv Your Age with Babette Davis, Healing from Cancer Naturally with Dr. Thomas Lodi, Paleo Vegan with Ellen Jaffe Jones, Fit Quickies with Lani Muelrath, Raw Food Workshop with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and 5 Pillars of Health with Dr. Will Tuttle
  • Lifetime access to transform your life with the knowledge and wisdom these masterclasses bring
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