The BE Book Secrets Program

Do you feel…

  • Frustration from not living the life you’ve always wanted?
  • Stressed out that you might not make enough money to pay the bills every month?
  • Desperation about what you need to do to attract a meaningful and loving relationship?
  • Nervous about the sinking economy and wondering how you are going to make ends meet when it seems like the world is collapsing all around us?
  • Tired of dating and meeting the wrong people?
  • Bored of eating all the right foods and exercising, yet still not looking the way you’d like to?

You are not alone.

There are so many people like you.  You are conscious, spiritual, ever-evolving- yet when you look deep inside, something is missing.  You are just not reaching goals that will take your life to the next level and you don’t know why.

Are you ready to stop wishing your life was more like other successful people or lucky ones and learn the tools to improve your own, literally overnight?

I am about to let you in on a program that has changed thousands of  lives…yet it has never seen the light of day for the general public (Note: This program was available only in prisons in California; and proved remarkable results).

I’m pretty sure not many people will have access to this program for two important reasons. #1) The author passed away a few years ago #2) I am the only one trying to pass on this information but am involved in too many projects to get this out in the world the way it deserves to be.

“You Can Have the Secrets to Improve Any Area Of Your Life QUICKLY and Stop Saying to Yourself ‘What If and If Only‘?”
I used to be just like you.  I felt stuck, unable to improve the most important areas of my life.

I lived in a small crappy apartment.  I worked for hours on end, receiving less money than I deserved.  I was gaining weight and couldn’t lose it. I couldn’t attract a loving relationship.

I had dreams and goals but as time went by, I became more and more negative that I’d ever achieve the ideal life I felt entitled to.  My dreams began to feel unreachable and appeared too far from reality.

I listened to all that negative self-talk that brought me down. I held onto the “stories” people in my life put upon me. I was told I would never amount to anything. That I wasn’t smart enough. That I had no direction. And I believed it.

I found that every time I tried something new or wanted to break free of my life, things just never worked out. As a result, my bubble would burst and I’d come crashing down. People I was close with would tell me “I told you so” (yes mom, I mean you).


So I settled for a life that was ordinary.  I gave up my dreams.

I worked 9 to 5 everyday, earning a measly paycheck,  and became jealous about the success of everyone else around me.

It all changed 10 years ago at a lecture by a raw food speaker I went to see. He talked about something called the “BE Book”.  He was clearly selling them, so I was skeptical at first. He passionately described that by reading the easy quick teachings in this book, anyone can manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams.

I was intrigued and purchased the book that very evening.  My life changed within the next month as I started creating wealth, meaningful relationships and a healthier life… and it keeps getting better.

Since implementing the teachings in the BE Book, I have manifested the girl of my dreams (now my wife whom I waited my whole life for), a beautiful child, the prestige of becoming a published author with a reputable publishing house, the position of talk show host for a nationally syndicated radio show, the opportunity to work and connect with successful and loving people all over the world…and most recently, a multi-book deal with a large advance.

I am living in a beautiful home and am able to give back to the homeless and other beings suffering on this planet.

I am not saying this to brag. I am sharing it because I know you could create the same for yourself, whatever your dreams may be. I am passionate when I tell you— GET THIS BOOK!

Why wait any longer? Take control of your life and make it happen! Whatever your dreams may be, they will come true if you simply pick up this program– start implementing the teachings today.

Introducing the little book that will change your life.
The BE Book Secrets will show you:

  • The secret to unlocking the true, limitless potential of manifestation to achieve unbelievable results in any goal you set for yourself… you’ll be amazed by what you’ll be able to achieve once you’ve mastered this incredible mind power secret!
  • Secret techniques to instantly boost productivity and energy levels (a technique deliberately kept secret from the masses)
  • The key to achieving optimal health, and you’ll never have to see a doctor ever again!
  • How to become financially abundant, successful, popular, attractive… whatever kind of success you want to attract to your life, you can achieve it!
  • Fool-proof way of eliminating all mental and emotional roadblocks and clutter that have been holding you back from success!
  • Methods to start attracting wealth into your life and gain financial freedom (say goodbye to that dead-end job or working for “the man”)
  • Keys to achieving true happiness and fulfillment in your life (and never feel depressed or lonely ever again)

The BE Book Secrets showed me that there is a simple and automatic way to manifest your dreams.  You can  improve any area of your life- relationships, finances, health, personal growth…you name it…almost overnight!

What’s In It FOR YOU?

  • Discover the most simple and powerful method to change every aspect of your life — money, health, relationships, happiness, and every interaction you have in the world.
  • Unveil the hidden, untapped POWER that is within you (this revelation can bring happiness to every aspect of your life!).
  • Find out how thousands of men and women have used “The BE Book” to achieve wealth, health and happiness.
  • Learn the methods that have allowed others to eradicate disease, acquire massive wealth, overcome obstacles and achieve what many would regard as impossible!
  • Discover the quick, powerful and simple teachings that lead to  life-transformation for all who experience it (You can get through this book in a couple of hours)!

“How come I never heard of “The BE Book Secrets”?
 The BE Book Secrets has never before been available to the general public.  This incredible book almost vanished from the planet…until now!  When I found out the author had passed away and his siblings had no intentions in keeping the book alive, I convinced his widow to allow me to create an ebook and audiobook on this great teaching.

I have barely marketed this but that needs to change. When you believe in something this strongly, you must market the hell out of it.

So how come the author never released this book to the general public?

The author (Richard Schnackenberg) had already become of a millionaire (thanks to the BE Book Secrets teachings), so he never planned to release the book on a large scale. The book was his way of giving back and saying thanks for the life he created.

The BE Book Secrets program was originally released over 10 years ago and distributed through the author’s charity organization. Most people who read “The BE Book” found results that were truly UNBELIEVABLE!

The hugely successful late entrepreneur Jim Rohn was a big fan of The BE Book and even wrote the foreword in the book.

But ultimately, I needed to get this book out into more hands because I saw what it had done for me. I bought over 30 copies of the book from Richard years ago and passed them out to my friends. I have never been more serious about wanting people to read the BE Book and see for themselves.

And I am grateful Elizabeth Schnackenberg has provided me with the opportunity to get this out to you.

I have a stack of testimonials from people all over the world sitting on my desk. I will include just a few of them below.

“Once I started reading it I didn’t want to put it down.  I loved it!  Didn’t realize you and “I” have that much power.  Other inmates are lining up to read the “BE Book Secrets”.”
Mrs. K.B. / Inmate and Drug Addict

“I have been a student of the mind for over eight years and you certainly make it easy to understand.  My life has changed forever!”
Mrs. S.P. / Housewife

“I want to give this book out to share with everyone in my company.  Like me, they will be empowered towards success, health, wealth and happiness!”
Dianna H. /

“Thank you 100,00,000 times for writing “The BE Book Secrets”.  The BE Book Secrets is a treasure for a lifetime.”
Illin M. / Renowned Photographer

The BE Book Secrets is now available as a full, incredible program.  Look what we have included in the package!

  • Brand-New Republished of the 12th Edition of “The BE Book” by Richard Schanckenberg (Foreword by the late Jim Rohn and Steve Prussack)
  • Audiobook of “The BE Book” as read by Steve Prussack and Julie Varon

“The BE Book made the hair on the back of my head stand right up, so here I sit to express my sincere and profound appreciation for what you have given to the world.”
Christopher A./ Former Prison Inmate

“I am going to become free and someone to change society thanks to having an encounter with your amazing BE Book!”
Paul L./ Former Prison Inmate

“I have read many power strategies books for lifelong success, such as Anthony Robbins, “Unlimited Power” and “The Waking of Giant Within”, and your little book condenses everything Anthony Robbin talked about in both books and blows it away!”
E.S. / Entrepreneur

“Great!  Passed the “BE book” onto my troubled twenty-three year old daughter who changed her life as a direct result.  I can already see a change in her!””
Mrs. F.C. / Casino Dealer

This Program Will Completely Change Your Life & Can Help You To Live The Life Of Your Dreams Quicker & Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!


The BE Book's Introduction goes like this:

"It's a great pleasure to introduce you to my longtime friend and mentor, Rich Schnackenberg. I first met Rich when I was twenty-five. Today, I'm in my seventies and still going strong.

Over the years, some of you have heard me speak about Earl Shoaff, and what he taught me about business and life in general. Sometimes I failed to mention that Rich was Earl's best friend and valued business partner.

Both men have been an enormous help in forming the foundation for the philosophy and ideas I now share with thousands of people around the world.

To this day, I'm especially grateful for two very important gifts Rich gave to me:

--The basics for excellent health and nutrition.
--Unlimited possibilities for human achievement.

His message is simple and it contains the power for life long change and prosperous daily living.

So, in closing, I want to again say that I am very proud to be able to introduce you to Rich and assure you that the journey you are about to take will be a good one. One that will last a lifetime. Enjoy!

-Jim Rohn


From Humble Beginnings

Rich and Earl Shoaff met in a nutritional supplement company called Abundavita in 1953. Both men studied directly under the company's founder, Dr. J. B. Jones, and were serious students of the laws of success.

The two soon became closer than brothers and toured the country giving speeches that shared the secrets of success and recruiting distributors of the Abundavita product line.

It October, 1955, the men found themselves in Pensacola, Florida as the featured speakers at an Abundavita meeting.

In walks a 25 year old Sears stock clerk named Jim Rohn and the destinies of all 3 men were changed that night.

An Exciting New Enterprise

Earl and Rich were itching to take all they had learned to a higher level, and in July of 1957, they formed their own company, The Nutri-Bio Corporation.

Jim Rohn joined the men in their new company and it was here that their mentorship and guidance really kicked in.

Within 2 years, Jim had built one of the largest distributorships in that company reaching the top level of "General Coordinator."

Jim had impressed Rich and Earl so much that, when they expanded the company, they hand-picked Jim to be the Executive Vice-President of Nutri-Bio Canada.

From Average To Fortune

Earl, Rich and Jim had all become multi-millionaires. They had all grown together but Jim and Rich really became the best of friends.

When Earl Shoaff passed away on September 6, 1965, their bond grew even stronger and continued until Rich passed away on September 27, 2009 at age 89.

Sadly, Jim Rohn would pass less than 2 months later but what these men created together will continue to live forever.

Keeping My Promise

Rich captured his story and philosophy in a book he called "The BE Book." He had a few hundred copies printed and made them available for select people who heard him in person and wanted to know more about his life and ideas.

One of the amazing things Rich did in his later years was visit prisoners and give them to mental tools they needed to change their lives. He also visited with Boys and Girls Clubs feeding young minds the ideas they need to succeed.

Today, finding a printed copy of The BE Book is really hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find one, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Now You Can Experience The BE Book For Yourself

Now you can go back in time and experience the mind of a true master of success. You will be right there as Rich shares his story and ideas in his own unique way.

You will experience for yourself what Jim Rohn experienced all those years ago.