Evolvepalooza: Conscious Growth Masterclasses.

How Would You Access to the Leading Transcending Minds On The Planet?

Evolvepalooza reveals...

  • Why the body is a physical manifestation of your mind and how to recognize and release toxic emotions, experiences and perceptions from your body to facilitate increased qualities of health, vitality, balance and wellness.
  • The truth about ET encounters. Are aliens among us on Planet Earth? What do we need to know about aliens? Do they mean harm? Will there ever be exposure?
  • The War on Consciousness: How ancient plant medicines are changing the world.
  • Conscious Love: The tools for the ultimate evolution in your relationships.
  • The energy code uncovered. How we use this energy to transform our lives.
  • How our food choices affect our cultural / psychological / ecological / and spiritual health.
  • How to discover your life purpose and new laws on attracting a life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Principles vs. Politics: Effective solutions for a thriving future.
  • Humanity's rite of passage from the love of power and the power of love.
  • Super Beings and Super Conscious States: How to get to the next level in expanded consciousness through Shaktipat.
  • A well-rounded approach to evolving in our inner lives while simultaneously assisting in the evolution of our world at large.

And much, much more!