Evolvepalooza: Conscious Growth Masterclasses.

Steve Prussack Juice Guru produced this summit to show you the keys to evolving in all areas of your life.  This incredible program gives you access complete life-changing and positive transformation.

Evolvepalooza reveals...

  • Why the body is a physical manifestation of your mind and how to recognize and release toxic emotions, experiences and perceptions from your body to facilitate increased qualities of health, vitality, balance and wellness.
  • The truth about ET encounters. Are aliens among us on Planet Earth? What do we need to know about aliens? Do they mean harm? Will there ever be exposure?
  • The War on Consciousness: How ancient plant medicines are changing the world.
  • Conscious Love: The tools for the ultimate evolution in your relationships.
  • The energy code uncovered. How we use this energy to transform our lives.
  • How our food choices affect our cultural / psychological / ecological / and spiritual health.
  • How to discover your life purpose and new laws on attracting a life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Principles vs. Politics: Effective solutions for a thriving future.
  • Humanity's rite of passage from the love of power and the power of love.
  • Super Beings and Super Conscious States: How to get to the next level in expanded consciousness through Shaktipat.
  • A well-rounded approach to evolving in our inner lives while simultaneously assisting in the evolution of our world at large.

And much, much more!